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The Treasures of Olympia

Olympia is an ancient place at the roots of Hellenism and of our modern world. From Olympia comes one of the first recorded calendars of history, the 'Olympiad' calendar. Today the ceremony of the Olympic flame is held at Olympia, marking the beginning of each new Olympic Game. Inhabited since thousands of years, it is the home to innumerable treasures and ripe with history.

The Archeological Site
of Ancient Olympia

Games have been known to be held at Olympia since at least the archaic age. Over it's thousand year history, Olympia was a center of the ancient world and the remainder of it's buildings are a marvel to behold to this day.  


Archeological Museum of Olympia

The oldest museum institution in Greece outside of Athens, the archeological museum of Olympia is filled with exciting artifacts and marvelous artworks from the ancient Greek world.

The Temple of Bassae

Standing in solitude at the top of a remote  mountain range in old Arcadia, the temple of Bassae is a living echo of the past. Visitors to this place have the unique to take in the sight of an ancient temple in an almost pristine state, as few other places can provide. 

Temple of bassae.jpg
olympic flame lightning ceremony.png

Kindling the Olympic Flame

In 1928 the first flame of the new Olympic games was lighted, giving new life to an ancient tradition. Since then, the kindling of the Olympic flame has become a fundamental part of the ceremony, which every four years sets of the Olympic torch relay. 

Museum of Technology

Ancient Greece was not only a center of culture and arts, but also led the way in the sciences and the development of new applications and methods in technology. Only in the last few decades have we begun to understood the fragments of ancient technology which we discovered. At the 'Archimides' museum in Olympia, you can discover them too. 


Pyrrhon of Elis

Pyrrhon was a pupil of Anaxarchus of Abdera and in about 330 BC established himself as a teacher at Elis. Believing that equal arguments can be offered on both sides of any proposition, he dismissed the search for truth as a vain endeavour.

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