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Welcome to Olympia Philosophy Summer School 2024

Reservations open until June 10th, 2024

We are excited to have you with us! 


To begin your application, simply click on the link below. Your reservation should take about 15 - 20 minutes to be completed. Make sure to have any relevant documents, like passport or ID, ready.

Make sure to read the code of conduct of the Olympia Philosophy Summer School as well as the IOA operating and conduct rules. A link to them is provided below. You can also always find them in our information section, as well as more information on financial, transport, and other matters. 

After a completed submission you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us.

Following a review of your submitted information, we will inform you about the 

status of your application. If approved, you will receive information about the payment of the fees (see more here).

The deadline of the 1st deposit installment is 15 days after confirmation of your reservation. Your reservation will then be complete. 

The deadline for the 2nd installment is June 30th. Your registration to the OPSS will then be complete.

We thank you for your time and are looking forward to hosting you in Olympia!

To read the code of conduct of the OPSS

To read the IOA operating & conduct rules

To begin your reservation

To check all required fees for registration

Please fill out only 1 registration per person.

For any changes/corrections to your submission, you can always reach us via our contact.

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